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Press Release

AIRA 2400 among top Performers at ISC WEST Las Vegas

The Security Industry Association selected AIRA 2400 as the Judges Choice for Commercial Products in Las Vegas. Sixty-four new products and services participated in the competition.

Waterloo, Canada - 2004-04-08

The Security Industry Association selected AIRA 2400 for the Judges Choice for Commercial Products at the 2004 ISC-West New Product Showcase (NPS) Awards Program held in Las Vegas on Thursday, April 1, 2004.

Sixty-four new products and services were entered in the program, which was established more than a decade ago to identify and showcase innovation in electronic security products and services. The NPS judging took place on Wednesday, March 31, at the Sands Convention Center. Twelve judges, representing various segments of the industry, viewed presentations by entrant marketing, sales and technology representatives.

SIA's Executive Director, Richard Chace, and SIA's Vice President, John Carter, had the honor of presenting the awards, as SIA NPS Chair Sandra Jones announced each award.

"The AIRA server is extremely relevant in today's security landscape. With a collective desire for personal, national and international security that is increasing due to escalation in destructive potential conferred by technological advances, the need for intelligent monitoring tools is overwhelming," commented Justin Schorn, Director of Business Development for Aimetis.

"With an ever increasing amount of stored and live environmental information from cameras, microphones, and other measurement devices, there is a rapid need for change on how we receive this information," explains Schorn "This information is largely unmanageable by classical methods. We need intelligent tools which help the operator manage otherwise unmanageable amounts of information." To this end, AIRA 2400 intelligently watches the inputs from real-time video cameras for insecure situations which are defined by the user. If one of these situations occurs, the system can automatically take action.

Acerca de Aimetis

Aimetis, una empresa de Senstar, simplifica la administración de video en red para video vigilancia al ofrecer soluciones inteligentes con el menor costo total de propiedad para un mundo conectado. Combinando un sistema de administración de video líder en la industria con video analíticas integradas y administración centralizada en la nube, Aimetis ofrece la plataforma de administración de video más escalable y fácil de usar en el mercado. Fundada en 2003, Aimetis se ha establecido como líder mundial en tecnología de administración de video inteligente desde sus oficinas principales en Waterloo, Canadá. Aimetis cuenta con distribuidores y socios certificados en más de 100 países sirviendo a una variedad de industrias incluyendo comercio, transporte, y otras.

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