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Aimetis Awarded 2008 Global Video Analytics Product Innovation of the Year Award

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Aimetis Symphony Intelligent Video Management and Video Analytics Software

Waterloo, Canada - 2008-11-03

Aimetis Corp., a global leader in intelligent video management software, today announced that it is the recipient of Frost & Sullivan's 2008 Global Video Analytics Product Innovation of the Year Award. The award is in recognition of the company's strategic product developments for Aimetis Symphony™ Intelligent Video Management Software and its ability to provide a highly reliable and technologically innovative video analytics solution to its end-users.

"Aimetis Symphony™ addresses many of the critical issues in relation to the adoption of widespread video analytics deployments," explains Julian Harris, Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. "Aimetis Symphony™ gives end-users the flexibility to migrate from analog cctv video to IP and  intelligent video solutions at their own pace, alleviating the requirement to have separate systems for video management and video analytics."

As a combined video management and analytics software platform, Aimetis Symphony™ provides end-users with a video management solution that utlizes the full value of analytics. This includes expanding a robust video management interface with intelligent driven features such as alarm management, smart-search, and event-driven, interactive timelines.

Aimetis Symphony™ analytic algorithms include motion tracking, object classification, people counting, virtual fence, left or removed items, auto-PTZ tracking and loitering. "The accuracy and reliability of the analytical algorithms receive some of the highest customer satisfaction in the industry," adds Harris.

Aimetis has a unique licensing approach that does not tie the license to the MAC address of the camera and allows end-users to mix and match any of the three license versions on a single server. This helps reduce costs by allowing end-users to replace cctv cameras without obtaining another license, and to upgrade to video analytics on selected cctv cameras as required.

"Aimetis Symphony™ is clearly focused on solving the problems of its customers, which is exemplified by its use across several vertical markets for a wide-range of applications," concludes Harris. "Aimetis has an impressive customer base of high-profile organizations, including Stockholm Lokaltrafik, London Metropolitan Police, 2006 FIFA World Cup and the Florida Department of Transportation."

"We expect that within the next five years, every video stream will utilize video analytics and be part of an integrated and intelligent system," said Marc Holtenhoff, CEO, Aimetis Corp. "We are very proud that Aimetis Symphony™ has been recognized for meeting the needs of this growing market."

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Acerca de Aimetis

Aimetis, una empresa de Senstar, simplifica la administración de video en red para video vigilancia al ofrecer soluciones inteligentes con el menor costo total de propiedad para un mundo conectado. Combinando un sistema de administración de video líder en la industria con video analíticas integradas y administración centralizada en la nube, Aimetis ofrece la plataforma de administración de video más escalable y fácil de usar en el mercado. Fundada en 2003, Aimetis se ha establecido como líder mundial en tecnología de administración de video inteligente desde sus oficinas principales en Waterloo, Canadá. Aimetis cuenta con distribuidores y socios certificados en más de 100 países sirviendo a una variedad de industrias incluyendo comercio, transporte, y otras.

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