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Aimetis Announces Aimetis E3200 Physical Security Appliance; Combines Video Management, Analytics and Business Intelligence in All-in-One Network Appliance

Compact Design, Simple Installation Ideal for Small Footprint Retailers, Service Stations, Others

Las Vegas, USA (ISC West) - 2011-04-06

Aimetis Corp., a global leader in intelligent IP video management software, today launched here at ISC West its first hardware offering, Aimetis E3200, an all-in-one appliance to combine video analytics, video management and business intelligence into one device.

The company also announced a license plate recognition application; please see today’s other press release

Powered by Aimetis Symphony video management and analytics software, the Aimetis E3200 all-in-one appliance is designed for small footprint retailers, service stations, construction trailers and others that require simple installation and a compact size.

The fanless appliance takes up very little space (approximately the size of an Encoder). It can be either DIN-rail or wall mounted, making it ideal for customers with limited space or challenging environments. Unlike other IP video appliances, the E3200 includes video analytics and business intelligence reports for applications such as people counting, dwell time and heat maps for showing graphically where people are walking and how long they spend standing at a specific location. In addition, Aimetis E3200 is ONVIF compliant, so it can be used with any cameras from compliant manufacturers.

"The Aimetis E3200 appliance significantly simplifies and reduces the cost of IP video deployment," said Marc Holtenhoff, CEO, Aimetis Corp. "The solution is easy to install and less complex than other IP-based systems, making it well suited for customers that have not fully adopted IP-based systems due to the intricacies involved. Its compact size makes it ideal for customers that don’t have a server room because it mounts just like an alarm panel."

Availability and Pricing Plus Limited Time Offer

The Aimetis E3200 is available in two models: The Aimetis E3205 includes 500GB internal storage and 4 camera licenses, and a MSRP of $1,895.00 US. The Aimetis E3210 ships with 1TB internal storage capacity and 8 camera licenses and has a MSRP of $2,295.00 US.

Both models include Aimetis Standard licenses and can be upgraded to enterprise licenses, which include analytics. As a launch promotion, the first 200 units will include 1 free enterprise license. This special offer enabled analytics like people counting, dwell time and more.

Acerca de Aimetis

Aimetis, una empresa de Senstar, simplifica la administración de video en red para video vigilancia al ofrecer soluciones inteligentes con el menor costo total de propiedad para un mundo conectado. Combinando un sistema de administración de video líder en la industria con video analíticas integradas y administración centralizada en la nube, Aimetis ofrece la plataforma de administración de video más escalable y fácil de usar en el mercado. Fundada en 2003, Aimetis se ha establecido como líder mundial en tecnología de administración de video inteligente desde sus oficinas principales en Waterloo, Canadá. Aimetis cuenta con distribuidores y socios certificados en más de 100 países sirviendo a una variedad de industrias incluyendo comercio, transporte, y otras.

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Director of Marketing
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