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The City of Waterloo Strengthens Security at its Public Facilities with Aimetis Enterprise Manager™

Aimetis Enterprise Manager™ provides cloud-based centralized management to streamline IT operations in distributed video deployments

Waterloo, Canada - 2015-07-22

Aimetis Corp., a global leader in intelligent video management software, today announced that the City of Waterloo has expanded its video surveillance system to include Aimetis Enterprise Manager™ (AEM). AEM is a cloud-based centralized management tool used to deploy software updates, manage settings and monitor system health and performance through an intuitive dashboard.

Home to more than 130,000 residents, the City of Waterloo is one of Canada’s fastest growing communities. A long-time user of Aimetis Symphony™ as its video management system, the city has increased the number of locations, servers, and cameras to the level where it needed additional assistance in ensuring that the system was running without incident. In addition, the city was looking to reduce the time and cost associated with software updates and manually checking remote servers for proper set-up and compliance with corporate policies.

“AEM has changed how we manage our security at the City of Waterloo,” said Kevin Lobsinger, Corporate Security & Property Coordinator at the City of Waterloo. “AEM allows us to proactively intervene before a failure. AEM has measurably reduced our operating cost and risk.”

AEM helps the city to reduce down time by identifying problems quickly through a web-based dashboard or automated email notifications. It also supports the city’s initiative to increase compliance as AEM can centrally manage configuration settings that cannot be changed locally on site. The other benefit is that AEM will help the city to achieve the goal of cost saving. Its centralized management reduces upfront configuration and ongoing administrative efforts.

As the city continues to grow, AEM will be critical for the city in scaling the monitoring and administration of their multi-site IP video deployment.

The full case study can be found here (pdf).


Acerca de Aimetis

Aimetis, una empresa de Senstar, simplifica la administración de video en red para video vigilancia al ofrecer soluciones inteligentes con el menor costo total de propiedad para un mundo conectado. Combinando un sistema de administración de video líder en la industria con video analíticas integradas y administración centralizada en la nube, Aimetis ofrece la plataforma de administración de video más escalable y fácil de usar en el mercado. Fundada en 2003, Aimetis se ha establecido como líder mundial en tecnología de administración de video inteligente desde sus oficinas principales en Waterloo, Canadá. Aimetis cuenta con distribuidores y socios certificados en más de 100 países sirviendo a una variedad de industrias incluyendo comercio, transporte, y otras.

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