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Use Aimetis Crowd Detection to immediately detect crowd formations and improve public safety. You can set maximum capacity and occupancy levels to define specific regions to suit individual needs.

Aimetis Crowd Detection will trigger alarms when it detects a specified number of people (capacity) or a specified percentage of people (occupancy) in the selected area. Also, Integrations with 3rd party products are simplified with events triggered directly on Axis network cameras and encoders.

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Improve Safety Management by Monitoring Occupancy Levels

Improve safety in public places such as city squares or airports by detecting the sudden formation of crowds in defined regions of interest.

Easy Alarm Integration with VMS

Embedded rule engine allows events to be triggered directly on the camera, simplifying integrations with 3rd party products.

Monitor Overcrowding to Improve Customer Experience

Monitor typical occupancy levels to identify bottlenecks and overcrowding in places such as retail or VIP lounges.